You must map a deployment environment to a vCloud Director organization vDC before you can deploy an application.

vCloud Director vDCs provide an environment where virtual systems can be stored, deployed, and operated. For example, you might have separate deployment environments for development, testing, staging, and production. For vCloud Director, a deployment environment is mapped to an organization vDC.

If a deployment environment is currently being used in a deployment profile or a current deployment, you cannot delete it.

Verify that your user account has the ROLE_CLOUD_ADMIN cloud administrator role assigned to it.

Verify that at least one vCloud Director cloud provider is registered in vCloud Application Director. See Register the vCloud Director Cloud Provider and Template.

Verify that an organization vDC is created and configured in the vCloud Director organization. The vCloud Application Director deployment environment is equivalent to the organization vDC in vCloud Director.

For information about setting up vCloud Director for use with vCloud Application Director, see Preparing to Install vCloud Application Director.

Familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of defining and configuring component properties and actions. See Developing vCloud Application Director Components.


On the vCloud Application Director title bar, click the drop-down menu and select Clouds > Deployment Environments.


Click New in the toolbar.


Complete the deployment environment information.



Deployment Environment name and Description

Include the vDC name in either of these fields. The text from these fields appears in the Deployment Profile wizard under the Deployment Environment column.

Cloud Provider

If the cloud provider does not appear in the list, cancel the dialog box and select Clouds > Cloud Providers to add the vCloud Director cloud provider.

Organization vDC URI

Click Select to select from a list of vDCs that the cloud provider you selected provides.


Select an organization vDC and click OK.

A vCloud Director organization vDC is mapped to the vCloud Application Director deployment environment name.


Click Save.


(Optional) To change existing information for a vCloud Director deployment environment, click Edit in the toolbar, make your changes, and click Save.

The deployment environment you created is added to the list of deployment environments that you can select from when you create a deployment profile.

You can map an external service instance, create a policy instance, or register a solution instance with the deployment environment. See Map an External Service Instance, Create a Policy Instance or Create a Solution Instance.