vCloud Application Director server supports most public issuers of SSL certification by using the JDK cacerts file to securely connect to the LDAP server. If the LDAP server certificate is signed by a local authority, or self-signed, you must import the LDAP certificate to the vCloud Application Director server openssl trusted list.

Verify that your user account has the ROLE_SYSTEM_ADMIN system administrator role assigned to it.

Verify that you know the password for the darwin_user. This password was set during installation. See Start the vCloud Application Director Appliance.

Copy the LDAP server certificate file as the certificate.pem file to a directory on the vCloud Application Director server.


Use the SSH client to log in to the vCloud Application Director appliance as the user darwin_user.

The password for this account was set during installation.


Open a command prompt.


Switch user from darwin_user to darwin.

su darwin

Change to the keystore directory.

cd /home/darwin/keystore

Copy the LDAP certificate.pem file to the directory.

cp Directory_certificate_copied/certificate.pem /home/darwin/keystore/

Add the certificate file to the vCloud Application Director server trusted list.

keytool -import -trustcacerts  -alias UniqueAlias -file certificate.pem -keystore ./appd.truststore -storepass ""

Restart the vCloud Application Director server.

sudo /sbin/service vmware-darwin-tcserver restart

Use the CLI to perform tasks such as importing users and groups and updating existing LDAP configurations. See Managing LDAP Configurations.