Dependencies are added in the blueprint to define an order in which the deployment tasks must be performed. Creating a dependency link from one item such as a service or application component to another service or application component guarantees that the task of creating the first item finishes successfully before a second task begins.


To create dependencies between services or application components, click the Add Relation button (Add relation between services or components) in the toolbar above the canvas.


Select the first component, then the component on which it depends.

For example, because a load balancer usually cannot be configured until the application is up and running, you might add a dependency from an Apache service to a WAR component.

A blue dotted line appears and points to the dependent component.


When you are finished, click Save in the toolbar above the canvas.

For example, you might create a dependency line from the JBoss service to the MySQL service.

This blue line that appears indicates that the application server JBoss, is dependent on having the MySQL database, created and configured.

Deploy the application. See Deploying Applications.