vCloud Application Director provides a drag-and-drop canvas that application architects can use to model an application blueprint. With this blueprint, you can create applications for deployment on a cloud.

You can drag the following items to the blueprint.

Logical templates from the catalog

You can use the vCloud Application Director sample templates or create custom templates. The cloud templates that contain operating system images and might have services preinstalled and configured are mapped to vCloud Application Director logical templates.

Application infrastructure components and scripts from the catalog

The included sample services are reusable software components. vCloud Application Director includes installation and configuration scripts that follow best practices for services.

Application components

These applications operate on top of the services. After you configure an application component, you can deploy it on a compatible service or an operating system image.


For information about deleting an application deployment from vCloud Application Director, see Delete an Application Deployment from vCloud Application Director.

Familiarize yourself with the key concepts that appear frequently in topics about creating applications. See Key Concepts.