When you create a linked clone, you must create a snapshot of a vCloud Automation Center virtual machine. This snapshot requires a small disk space, so a linked clone deployment is faster than a clone deployment.

For more information about linked clones and creating snapshots, see vCloud Automation Center What's New Guide.

Verify that vCloud Automation Center 5.2 or 6.0 is installed and configured.

Verify that the vCloud Automation Center provisioning group that you plan to use with vCloud Application Director is created and configured with Enterprise administrator privileges.

Verify that a vCloud Automation Center blueprint is available to create a snapshot from. See Create and Configure vCloud Automation Center Blueprint for Linked Clone Deployment.


Select New Blueprint > Virtual and name the blueprint vCAC_LinkedClone.


Complete the information on the Blueprint Information tab.


On the Build Information tab, click the Linked Clone option for the Action drop-down menu to appear.


Click the Clone from drop-down menu to create a snapshot of the vCAC_Clone-VFF17Y0 machine.


In the Select Snapshot dialog box, select vCAC_Clone-VFF17Y0 and click Next.


Click New Snapshot.


In the New Snapshot dialog box, type vCAC_Clone-VFF17Y0_snapshot in the Description text box and click OK.

vCloud Automation Center creates a snapshot of vCAC_Clone-VFF17Y0. After the snapshot is created, it appears in the Snapshot Manager.


Click Finish and click OK to save your changes.

vCAC_Clone-VFF17Y0_snapshot appears in the Clone from text box.


For a Windows-based vCloud Automation Center blueprint, type the customization specification name in the Customization spec text box.

You created the customization specification as part of the vCenter Server virtual machine template preparation.


Configure the Property and Security tabs as required and click OK to save your changes.

The vCAC_LinkedClone blueprint appears in the Blueprint menu.

Register the vCloud Automation Center blueprint configured for linked clone deployment for use in vCloud Application Director. See Register the vCloud Automation Center Cloud Provider and Template.