vCloud Application Director catalog includes predefined sample services, logical templates, application components, and tasks.

A sample application consists of either a Windows or Linux-based logical template, services, and application components configured specifically for that application. You must configure only the action scripts of the services in a predefined application and deploy it to the supported cloud environment. When you create a deployment profile to deploy a sample application, you can add a compatible customized task to the execution plan.


Use the predefined sample templates, application components, services, and tasks only in a test environment. If you plan to use the sample templates in a production environment, make sure that you apply the latest security patches to the operating system in the template before deployment.

All user accounts that are assigned to the vCloud Application Director Default group can access and deploy the sample applications.

All of the icons rendered for the sample templates and services in the catalog are based on the name of the template or service. For example, the official MySQL icon appears next to the MySQL service in the catalog. If the name of the service or template is unique, then a generic icon appears.

Familiarize yourself with the key concepts that appear frequently in topics about deploying sample catalog components. See Key Concepts.