vCloud Application Director provides a graphical user interface for checking the status of an application deployment in real time on the deployment summary page.

You can also use the vCloud Director and vCloud Automation Center user interfaces to check the status of the deployed virtual machines. To view the status of a vCloud Application Director deployment in an Amazon VPC and associated Availability Zone, see Amazon AWS Documentation.

On the deployment summary page, when a deployment is running, the overall deployment status of the deployment, update, or teardown process appears in the toolbar. After the deployment finishes, the status bar turns red or green depending on the success or failure of the tasks in the deployment. Above the task status windows, a task timeline contains a time stamp that shows when the application deployment was initiated, any subsequent update deployments, such as scaled deployments or updates to modify configuration, or if a teardown process was run.

Deployment Summary Page
Deployment summary page, a graphical user interface to check status of an application deployment

You can expand a window in the deployment summary page to view details and status of an application deployment. See View Deployment Task and Blueprint Details for an Application and View Deployed VM Details and Execution Plan of an Application.