Marketplace lets you import blueprints for applications or services from VMware Solution Exchange. Once you enable the Marketplace feature from command-line, you can access it from the Applications landing page. You can import only solutions that contain supported files in Application Director.

Verify that you have enabled Marketplace from the command-line interface.

Verify that you have an user account created for VMware Solution Exchange.

Verify that you have internet access by enabling proxy settings.


On the vFabric Application Director title bar, click the drop-down menu and select Applications.

The Applications landing page appears.


Click New in the toolbar and select Import From Marketplace.

The Marketplace page appears with the Most Recent and Featured solutions.


Click the appropriate solution from the list.

The solution appears with the details of blueprint for an application or a service.


Click Import if you wish to import this solution. The VMware Solution Exchange login screen appears.


Enter the Solution Exchange Username and Password. Click Login.


The EULA screen apperas. EULA is applicable to certain solutions only. Check the box to accept the license agreement and click Next.


The blueprint for application or service is validated. It lists any applications or services that are conflicting. Click the drop-down menu for Conflict Resolution. Choose any option from following choices to resolve the conflict:

Use Existing: Any conflicting artifact in the blueprint is skipped and the existing definition is used.

Import as New: A new copy of each artifact in the blueprint is created. Enter any alphanumeric value in the Suffix field that you want to append to the application name.

Overwrite: Any artifact that is imported overwrites the existing artifact. You cannot overwrite any publicly shared artifacts.


: If the existing artifacts are shared publicly then the import fails due to sharing level mismatch.


Click Next. The Review page appears. Confirm that the information on this page is as desired.


Click Import to import the blueprint or service.

Deploy the application. See Chapter 12, Deploying Applications, and Page 135.