Component properties are used to parameterize scripts so that vCloud Application Director can pass the defined properties as environment variables to scripts running in a virtual machine.

Before running a script from the life cycle stage, the vCloud Application Director agent in the virtual machine communicates with the vCloud Application Director server to resolve the properties. The agent then proceeds to create script-specific variables from these properties and passes them to the scripts.

vCloud Application Director supports string, array, content, and computed properties.

A catalog administrator can define properties in the catalog for services and custom tasks.

In several deployment scenarios, a component needs the property value of another component to customize itself. In vCloud Application Director, this process is called binding to other properties.

You can Auto-bind to other properties by using the Auto-Bind meta data setup in a service and default meta data in nodes, node arrays, services, and the WAR application component.

Properties defined for each component can be used in an action script for each of the life cycle stages.