A catalog administrator can define properties in the catalog for services and custom tasks.

To allow for customization of a component script, the default value for a property in the catalog can be overridden in a blueprint to accommodate the needs of a specific application in which the service is used. The property value can be further overridden in the deployment profile to comply with the deployment environment where the service is deployed.


Property values are case-sensitive. A new property value does not take effect if the value is typed incorrectly.

For example, to deploy an Apache Tomcat server, the catalog administrator might have configured the value of the JVM HEAP_SIZE to 512MB in the service. The application architect can redefine the value to 1024MB for a larger application. The deployer might override the value to 2048MB when deploying the application in a production deployment environment to handle large loads.

Property values are non-overridable by default, but the catalog administrator can choose to enable the overridable feature. For properties that can be overridden, the application architect might force a value for the property in some regulated environments, and disable the overridable feature for the deployer.

You can define property values when you add a service or custom task in an application deployment. See Add a Service to the Catalog and Add a Custom Task to the Catalog.