The RHN Registration predefined task is a script used to update the YUM repositories to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux or other Red Hat operating systems that have the Red Hat Network with YUM.

The predefined task registers the virtual machine with the Red Hat Network using the credentials provided with a machine name VMware_AppDirector_$RANDOM, where $RANDOM is a short string that makes the virtual machine registration unique.

Use the predefined sample task only in a test environment.

Log in to vCloud Application Director with a user account that belongs to the Default group.

Verify that your user account has the ROLE_DEPLOYER deployer role assigned to it.

Verify that the predefined task is added to the execution deployment plan before you add any services or application components that require YUM for installing or updating software packages.

Verify that vCloud Application Director is configured to use a proxy. See Configure vCloud Application Director to Use a Proxy for External URLs.


On the vCloud Application Director title bar, click the drop-down menu and select Applications.


Click the name of the application.

A list of application versions appears.


Select an application version.


Create a deployment profile.


In the Deployment Profile wizard, follow the prompts to Execution Plan.


If the node is clustered, click the Expand Cluster button (Expand cluster button).

If the clustered node is not expanded, the predefined task is added only to the first virtual machine in the cluster.


Click the Add Script Task button (Add a script task) and drag a predefined task in the blueprint.

When you drag a predefined task, you see anchors (Task anchor) that indicate where you can drop the predefined task.

After you drag and drop a predefined task to a node, the Add Custom Task dialog box opens.


Select the predefined task from the Catalog Task Name drop-down menu.

The supported operating systems, predefined task details, script, and property details appear in the dialog box.


On the Properties tab, configure the properties.


Select the rhn_username property, type the username value used to register the virtual machine with the Red Hat Network, and click Save.


Select the rhn_password property, type the password value used to register the virtual machine with the Red Hat Network, and click Save.


Click OK to close the Edit Property dialog box.

The RHN Registration predefined task is added to the execution plan.


Review the deployment profile settings and deploy the application.

If you have a customized task, you can add it to the vCloud Application Director catalog. See Add a Custom Task to the Catalog.