Properties defined for each component can be used in an action script for each of the life cycle stages.

For a computed property, you can modify the value of a property and pass the value to the next life cycle stage of the action script. For example, if component A has the progress_status value defined as staged, in the INSTALL and CONFIGURE life cycle stage you change the value to progress_status=installed in the respective action scripts. If component B is bound to component A, the property values of progress_status in the life cycle stages of the action script are the same as component A.

Define in the blueprint that component B depends on A. This dependency defines the passing of correct property values between components whether they are in the same node or across different nodes.

For example, you can update a property value in an action script by using the supported scripts.

Bash progress_status="completed"

Windows CMD set progress_status=completed

Windows PowerShell $progress_status="completed"

BeanShell progress_status="completed"


Array and content property do not support passing modified property values between action scripts of life cycle stages and components.