In vCloud Application Director, registering a cloud provider means using access keys established in a valid AWS account to connect to an Amazon EC2 Region.


To deploy an application to Amazon EC2, you must install the vCloud Application Director for Release Automation edition.

Verify that your user account has the ROLE_CLOUD_ADMIN cloud administrator role assigned to it.

Verify that an AWS user account is set up with access keys.

Create virtual machine templates that meet vCloud Application Director requirements. See Virtual Machine Requirements for Creating Amazon EC2 Custom Templates.


On the vCloud Application Director title bar, click the drop-down menu and select Clouds > Cloud Providers.


Click New in the toolbar.


Complete the cloud provider information.



Name and Description

Include detailed information in the Description text box. The text from the text box appears in the Deployment Profile wizard under the Cloud Provider column.

Cloud Provider Type

Amazon EC2 is the supported type.

Amazon Region

Specify the Region name. For example, if your Region is US East (N. Virginia) the Amazon Region is us-east-1.

Proxy URL

If your corporate network requires a proxy server for external connections, add the Web proxy URL to enable the vCloud Application Director server to connect to Amazon EC2.

User Name and Password

Access keys set up on the AWS account.


To test whether the values you entered are correct, click Validate Connection.


Click Save to register the cloud provider.

If any of the required entries for the cloud provider are invalid or left blank, you are prompted to correct them when you click Save.


To register Amazon AMIs, click Edit in the toolbar.


In the Templates section, click New to continue and register AMIs or virtual machine templates.


Select a category from the drop-down menu and click Get Templates.

You can select AMIs owned by the AWS account or those that are private to the AWS account.

Filtered AMIs or cloud templates that you created or that are private to the AWS account appear in the drop-down menu.


Select the check boxes next to one or more templates in the list, and click OK.

The templates you registered are added to the list of cloud templates that you can choose from when you map a logical template to a cloud template.


To change existing information for an Amazon EC2 cloud provider, click Edit in the toolbar, make your changes, and click Save.

The Amazon EC2 Region is registered and its AMIs are available for use in vCloud Application Director.

Create a deployment environment to deploy an application to the cloud environment. See Create an Amazon EC2 Deployment Environment.

Map these AMIs to the vCloud Application Director logical templates. See Add a Logical Template to the Catalog.