You can add basic or advanced external services to the blueprint that are installed external to the deployment of the vCloud Application Director application. External services are commonly used because these services are not provisioned as part of the blueprint, but the application needs the external service in order to work.

Familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of basic or advanced external services. See Add an External Service to the Catalog.

Understand the basic concepts of defining a service in vCloud Application Director. See Define Service Version Properties.

Familiarize yourself with how to create dependencies among nodes. See Create a Dependency Between Components.


Open an existing application blueprint.


Select and drag an external service to the blueprint canvas.

For example, you can add the vPostgres external services in the blueprint.


(Optional) Create dependencies among applicable components in the blueprint.

A blue dotted line appears and points to the dependent component.


To edit a property, click the property in the table below the blueprint.

You can edit or define the external service properties just like any other service in the catalog.

The Edit Property dialog box appears.


When you are finished, click Save in the toolbar above the canvas.

Deploy the application. See Deploying Applications.