You can edit a policy to add or remove policy definitions, edit the action script, or change the scan parameters. When you edit policy definitions, it does not affect existing policy instances created from it. The changes are implemented only to new policy instances.

Verify that your user account has the ROLE_CATALOG_ADMIN catalog administrator role assigned to it.

Familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of defining and configuring component properties and actions. See Developing vCloud Application Director Components.

To view examples about policy definition and action, select Catalog > Policies to view the predefined policies.

Verify that a policy version is available in the vCloud Application Director catalog. See Add a Policy to the Catalog.

Create a copy of the policy to preserve the original for future reference and edit the copied version.


On the vCloud Application Director title bar, click the drop-down menu and select Catalog > Policies.


Click New in the toolbar.


Copy an existing policy version.


Open a policy version and click Copy in the toolbar.

When you copy a policy, the action script and all of the properties are retained. You cannot change the name of the existing policy version.


Change the version number, update the description, and click Save.

The version number and description differentiate the new policy from the parent version.


Modify the existing policy properties and action script.


Click Edit in the toolbar.


Make your changes and click Save.

Delete a duplicate or outdated policy. See Delete a Policy.