When you request a service catalog item you provision the item to the designated cloud environment.

A typical user in vCloud Automation Center does not have direct access to the vCloud Application Director environment. Therefore, the user can access the vCloud Automation Center service catalog, which is a self-service portal and request vCloud Application Director application deployments.

Make sure that you log in to the vCloud Application Director appliance as an SSO user that has APPLICATION PUBLISHER and DEPLOYER roles assigned to it from the vCloud Automation Center user interface.

The vCloud Automation Center 6.0 IaaS environment and entitlements must be properly set up and configured. See vCloud Automation Center Installation and Configuration Guide and vCloud Automation Center Virtual Provisioning Guide.

Verify that vCloud Application Director is registered as a vCloud Automation Center endpoint. See Register vCloud Application Director to vCloud Automation Center.

Verify that at least one vCloud Automation Center catalog item has an entitlement and a service assigned to it. See Publish a Deployment Profile to the vCloud Automation Center Service Catalog.


Log in to your tenant with APPLICATION PUBLISHER and DEPLOYER roles in vCloud Automation Center.

The vCloud Automation Center Web interface opens.


Select the Catalog tab and locate the catalog item you configured with a service and an entitlement.


Select the Requests tab and complete the description.

For example, you can request an item for development and testing purposes.


Click Next to review the properties of the item.


Click Submit to request the catalog item.

When the deployment is complete, vCloud Application Director creates resources in vCloud Automation Center that appear in the Items tab.

Select the vCloud Automation Center resource to track the progress. You can also use the vCloud Application Director deployment summary page to check the status in real times See Using the Deployment Summary Page.