You can use Change SID and enable Join Domain for a Windows virtual machine template. With the Change SID option, all of the deployed virtual machines can acquire a unique security identifier (SID). Enable the option when you prepare a Windows virtual machine template. With the Join Domain option, the deployed virtual machines can become members of a specified Windows Active Directory domain.

If you need to deploy a large number of Windows virtual machines that must join a corporate managed domain, use Windows templates with preconfigured domain settings. For smaller deployments or deployments that need the flexibility of joining different domains, a more effective approach is to use Windows templates without the preconfigured domain settings and add the Join Domain Predefined Task in the execution plan for deployment. See Add Join Domain Predefined Task.

Verify that you have correctly created a Windows vApp and configured the virtual machine template. See Create a vCloud Director vApp and Configure Windows Virtual Machine Template in vCloud Director.

Verify that the Windows domain name, domain account, and account password are readily available.

Verify that the virtual machine can connect to the designated domain controller.

A DHCP service must be present on the network and the DNS server specified by the DHCP can resolve the domain name specified in the guest customization settings.


Instantiate a vApp from the source template and locate the associated Windows virtual machine.


Log in to the Windows virtual machine as a user belonging to the local Administrators group.


Configure all of the virtual machine network interfaces to use DHCP.


Open the Network control panel.


Select Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings.


Open each network connection and select Properties.


Set the Internet Protocol Version 4/6 to Obtain an IP address Automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically.


Shut down the Windows virtual machine and stop the vApp in vCloud Director.


In vCloud Director, open the properties for the virtual machine and select the Guest OS Customization tab to enable Guest Customization.


On the Guest OS Customization tab, select Change SID.


Select Join Domain and type the Windows domain name, domain account, and account password.


Select Add to Catalog to create a new vApp template from the vApp.

During deployment, Active Directory authenticates the login credentials and allows the Windows virtual machine to become a member of the domain.

Add the vApp template to the vCloud Director catalog. See Add Windows Virtual Machine Templates to the vCloud Director Catalog.