Add the Windows virtual machine template to the vCloud Director Catalog and register it so that it works with vCloud Application Director.

Verify that your user account has the ROLE_CLOUD_ADMIN cloud administrator role assigned to it.

Verify that vCloud Director 5.1.2 or 5.5 is installed and configured.

Verify that the Windows template meets the vCloud Application Director virtual machine requirements. See Virtual Machine Requirements for Creating vCloud Director Custom Templates.

Complete the preparation tasks required to create a Windows vApp and configure the virtual machine template. See Create a vCloud Director vApp and Configure Windows Virtual Machine Template in vCloud Director.


Log in to the vCloud Director Web user interface.


Navigate to the vCloud Org location where the Windows vApp resides.


Select the vApp and click Add to Catalog to create a vApp template in the catalog.

The Windows template is added to the list of cloud templates that you can choose from when you map a logical template to a cloud template.

Register the Windows template for use in vCloud Application Director. See Register the vCloud Director Cloud Provider and Template.