With Windows virtual machine templates, you can use vCloud Application Director on vCloud Director 5.1.2 or 5.5 to create an application blueprint and deploy Windows-based services and applications such as .NET applications.

Before you create a Windows virtual machine template, you must set up the vCloud Director environment.

When you create the Windows-based vCloud Director vApp, you must install and configure VMware Tools in the virtual machine.

The Java SE 7 Runtime Environment (JRE) packages and agent bootstrap file must be configured for the Windows virtual machine to work properly in vCloud Application Director.

You can use Change SID and enable Join Domain for a Windows virtual machine template. With the Change SID option, all of the deployed virtual machines can acquire a unique security identifier (SID). Enable the option when you prepare a Windows virtual machine template. With the Join Domain option, the deployed virtual machines can become members of a specified Windows Active Directory domain.

Add the Windows virtual machine template to the vCloud Director Catalog and register it so that it works with vCloud Application Director.