You can initiate an update process for predefined sample application deployments multiple times by scaling the clusters of a node. When you scale out or scale in a clustered node of a deployed application, you can configure only the cluster size of the nodes that are modeled as clusters in the application blueprint.

You can scale the following predefined sample applications.

Nanotrader application

Clustered DotShoppingCart application

Clustered Dukes Bank 3.0.0 or 2.1.0 application version

Verify that you installed the VMware vCloud Application Director for Release Automation edition to update a deployed application.

Verify that your user account has the ROLE_DEPLOYER deployer role assigned to it.

Familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of defining and configuring component properties and actions. See Developing vCloud Application Director Components.

The deployed application must include at least one clustered node. See Specify a Node as a Cluster.

Verify that the initial deployment is successfully deployed to a cloud environment.

You cannot scale clustered nodes from a failed deployment to modify configuration.

Contact your cloud administrator to get information about the deployment environment storage space limit.


On the vCloud Application Director title bar, click the drop-down menu and select Deployments.


Select a predefined sample application that deployed successfully.


From the Operations drop-down menu in the toolbar, select Update.

The updates summary page opens.


Select Create Update Profile.

The Update Profile dialog box opens.


In the Update Type drop-down menu, select Scale Out or Scale In.


Name the scaled update process, add an optional description, and click OK.

In the description, you can add information about the changes included in this update.


From the Node tab, increase the cluster size value for one or more clustered nodes and click Next.


Review the scaled clustered node in the execution plan and click Next.

The blue dotted lines in the execution plan define a specific order in which the deployment tasks run.


Review the modified properties in the update.

The impacted properties are highlighted.


Click Update to deploy the updated application.

You can check the status of the deployment from the deployment summary page . See Using the Deployment Summary Page.