To see the sample applications included with vCloud Application Director, you must log in using an account that belongs to the Default group.

Whether you can perform a particular task after you log in depends on the roles assigned to the user account. The objects you can see depend on the group associated with the user. See Setting Up Users and Groups.

Verify that you have the URL for the vCloud Application Director Web interface. This Web URL appears in the console of the virtual machine that hosts vCloud Application Director when installation is finished. See Start the vCloud Application Director Appliance.

Verify that you have credentials for a user account that was set up in vCloud Application Director. You can also use the admin user account and the password that was set during installation. The admin user has all roles associated with it and can perform all of the functions in vCloud Application Director.

Verify that the supported version of a Web browser is installed on your computer. See vCloud Application Director System Requirements.


Open a Web browser and type the vCloud Application Director URL.

An example of a URL for accessing the Web interface is


Type the credentials of a user account with the necessary roles assigned to it.

You can access the product areas that are assigned to your role. For example, if your user account has the deployer role assigned to it, when you log in to the vCloud Application Director Web interface, the Deployments page opens. If a product area is not assigned to your role then the user interface is visible but disabled.

Familiarize yourself with the vCloud Application Director features. See Using the vCloud Application Director Web Interface.