VMware vRealize CloudClient 4.4 Release Notes

vRealize CloudClient 4.4 | 16 May 2017 | Build 5511232

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

What's New

  • The vra deployment action execute command now supports scale in and scale out for deployments.
  • The vra service add and vra service update commands have a new --owner parameter that enables you to add or update owners for a service.
  • If the tenant parameter is not provided in the vra login userpass command, you are prompted for the tenant.
  • The vra businessgroup update command has two new parameters, --addsharedaccessusers and --removesharedaccessusers, that enable you to assign or unassign users to the Shared Access User Role for the business group.
  • With the release of vRealize Automation version 7.3, Cloud Client version 4.4 no longer supports the following endpoint configuration commands:
    • vra endpoint add vcloud
    • vra endpoint add vsphere
    • vra endpoint detail
    • vra endpoint update
    The following new commands have been added:
    • vra endpoint export
    • vra endpoint import
      Note: To import the exported file on a clean system, remove any references to ids such as, “id” : “065d7e23-7936-43d1-838e-9304d946ca74". Also remove any “empty” : false statements that appear in the exported file.
    • vra endpoint associations
    • vra endpoint categories
    • vra endpoint types
  • In addition, several documentation and usability enhancements have been made.


To run CloudClient, run the cloudclient.sh (Unix) or cloudclient.bat (Windows) command.

On both Windows and Linux operating systems, CloudClient requires Java version 1.8 or later. VMware recommends Java version 1.8U102 or later.

When running CloudClient in script mode, use single quotes (') instead of double quotes (") in command arguments.

When providing multiple comma separated values for any parameter, please enclose them in single quotes ('). For example: --properties values='1, 2, 3, 4'

Use the following guidelines for the best Windows experience when running CloudClient:

  • Ensure that your Command Prompt or PowerShell uses the same value for Window Buffer Width and Window Width. If your prompt's Window Buffer Width is larger than your Window Width, commands do not wrap properly.
  • Only the [Home] and [End] keyboard shortcut keys are supported when running CloudClient.

For full product documentation, open docs/index.html in your browser.

Resolved Issues

  • The vco workflow list command supports paging
    In previous releases, the response for the vco workflow list command was always displayed as a single list regardless of paging configuration. The issue has been resolved.

  • The vra reservation detail --export command provides the proper JSON format for updating reservations
    In previous releases, the exported JSON output was incomplete and could not be used with the vra reservation update command. The issue has been resolved.

Known Issues

Known issues not previously documented are marked with the * symbol.

  • Deployment actions for Scale In and Scale Out do not support template generation*
    The vra deployment action execute command for Scale In and Scale Out requires the user to specify the component names and desired number of instances as a request parameter but does not provide a template with the component names populated. As a workaround, use the vra blueprint detail command to retrieve the component names.

  • Deployment action for Change Security is not supported*
    When you attempt to use deployment action for Change Security, the operation fails with an error message.