VMware vRealize CloudClient 4.3 Release Notes

vRealize CloudClient 4.3 | 22 NOV 2016 | Build 4665091

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

What's New

  • CloudClient 4.3 runs on Java version 1.8. Java 1.7 is no longer supported.
  • The vra entitlement principal assign command has a new --allUsers parameter that enables you to assign all users and groups belonging to business group as principals to an entitlement.
  • The new vra entitlement remove command enables you to delete unwanted entitlements.
  • The new vra catalogitem service unassign enables you to remove a service from a catalog item.
  • CloudClient's truststore password can now be set by the user. As a result of this update, users may be prompted to accept certificates that were previously accepted in earlier versions of CloudClient. By default, CloudClient generates a random password for the truststore.
    To specify a truststore password:
    1. Set truststore.auto.password.create to false in CloudClient.properties.
    2. Delete the cloudclient.secure.truststore.password file in the [USER_HOME]/.cloudclient directory if it already exists.
    3. Launch CloudClient.
      CloudClient prompts you to enter a truststore password.
    4. Type a new truststore password and press Enter.


To run CloudClient, run the cloudclient.sh (Unix) or cloudclient.bat (Windows) command.

On both Windows and Linux operating systems, CloudClient requires Java version 1.8 or later. VMware recommends Java version 1.8U102 or later.

When running CloudClient in script mode, use single quotes (') instead of double quotes (") in command arguments.

When providing multiple comma separated values for any parameter, please enclose them in single quotes ('). For example: --properties values='1, 2, 3, 4'

Use the following guidelines for the best Windows experience when running CloudClient:

  • Ensure that your Command Prompt or PowerShell uses the same value for Window Buffer Width and Window Width. If your prompt's Window Buffer Width is larger than your Window Width, commands do not wrap properly.
  • Only the [Home] and [End] keyboard shortcut keys are supported when running CloudClient.

For full product documentation, open docs/index.html in your browser.

Resolved Issues

  • Certificate checking is now properly handled for all IaaS commands
    In previous releases of CloudClient, the vra computeresource inactive list and vra computeresource inactive remove commands failed with an error related to certificate authentication. The issue has been resolved.

  • Compute resources with existing reservations cannot be removed from a fabric group
    In previous releases of CloudClient, the vra fabricgroup remove command could be used to delete a fabric group that contained a compute resource with existing reservations, which sometimes led to provisioning failures. The issue has been resolved.

  • The vra machines action form and vra deployment action form commands now accept the action name for the --actionid parameter
    In previous releases of CloudClient, specifying the action name instead of action UUID for the --actionid parameter resulted in an error when executed in script mode. The issue has been resolved.

Known Issues

  • Deployment actions for Scale In and Scale Out are not supported
    When you attempt to use deployment actions for Scale In or Scale Out, the operation fails with an error message.

  • The vco workflow list command does not support paging
    The response for the vco workflow list command is always displayed as a single list regardless of paging configuration.