VMware vRealize CloudClient 4.1 Release Notes

vRealize CloudClient 4.1 | 28 APR 2016 | Build 3792252

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

What's New

  • The vra catalog request submit command supports the --leasedays option.
  • Machine provisioning and reconfigure requests validate that specified memory MB values are divisible by 4.
  • CloudClient supports Delete Snapshot and Revert Snapshot operations.
  • CloudClient documentation provides comprehensive information about valid values for command parameters.
  • CloudClient handles session expiration gracefully. vRealize Automation sessions expire on the server side rather than on the CloudClient side. If you launch CloudClient after a session expires, CloudClient automatically attempts to log in using the credentials found in CloudClient.properties or environment variables.
  • Log in procedure requires CloudClient to accept the vRealize Automation appliance and IaaS certificates. When you use CloudClient to log in to vRealize Automation for the first time, you are prompted to accept the relevant certificates.


To launch CloudClient, run the cloudclient.sh (Unix) or cloudclient.bat (Windows) command.

CloudClient requires Java version 1.7U80 or later for Windows. CloudClient supports any Java 7 or later for Unix.

CloudClient requires single quotes (') instead of double quotes (") when you enter command arguments in script mode.

Follow these guidelines to ensure the best Windows experience when you run CloudClient:

  • Set your command prompt or PowerShell to use the same value for Window Buffer Width and Window Width.When your Window Buffer Width is larger than your Window Width, the commands do not wrap properly.
  • Use only the [Home] and [End] keyboard shortcut keys when you run CloudClient.

For full product documentation, open docs/index.html in your browser.

Resolved Issues

  • Request templates no longer include fields that should not be overridden at request time
    In the previous version of CloudClient, version 4.0, the request template for some blueprints used to include fields that should not be specified in a request. Provisioning used to fail when you changed one of these fields.

  • Keyfile-based authentication now supports passwords that include an exclamation mark (!)
    The vra login keyfile command used to fail when you used a password with an exclamation mark.

  • Failover using Site Recovery Manager with array-based replication is now reliable
    The post-failover script used to fail intermittently when you updated machine reservations after failover when using array-based replication.

  • Listing vCloud Machines no longer returns the message "Error reading string to CloudMachineView."

  • vRealize Automation machines list now works for a non-administrator user
    The vra machines list command now works for business group members as well as adminstrators.

  • Destroy machine command is now more reliable
    The vra machines action execute command with the Destroy action used to fail intermittently.

Known Issues

  • The vRealize Orchestrator workflow list command does not support paging
    The response for the vco workflow list command is always displayed as a single list regardless of paging configuration.