VMware Identity Manager Cloud Release Notes November 2015

Released 01 December 2015

What's New in VMware Identity Manager November 2015 Release

This release of VMware Identity Manager delivers the following new features.

  • SSO using Safari View Controller on iOS and Chrome Custom Tabs on Android

    Enabling persistent cookies provides single sign-in between apps and system browsers when apps use Safari View Controller on iOS devices and Chrome Custom Tabs on Android devices. This is enabled from the administration console Identity & Access Management tab, Setup > Preferences page.

  • Customized Access Policy Error Messages

    Administrators can create a custom access denied message for each policy rule. The rule is created in the Policy Rule page. The custom error message displays when users authentication does not follow the access policy rule.

  • Same user name and group name allowed in multiple domains

    You can now sync users and groups that have the same username or group name across multiple Active Directories. The user uniqueness rule was updated to be a combination of username or group name and domain. For example, a username Administrator can have both an AD account in multiple Active Directory domains as well as a local user account in the VMware Identity Manager service.

  • Win10 and Mac OS/X device types added to access policy rules

    The device types Win10 and Mac OS X are added to the list of device types in the access policy rules page. You can configure a policy rule with one of these device types and all authentication requests coming from that type of device, including native apps and browsers, use this policy rule.

For more information, see the VMware Identity Manager Cloud Documentation Center: VMware Identity Manager Doc Center