VMware Identity Manager Cloud Release Notes June 2016

Released June 2016

Updated July 19, 2016

What's New in VMware Identity Manager June 2016 Release

This release of VMware Identity Manager delivers the following new features.

Workspace ONE Application

  • Workspace ONE app providing standalone Mobile Application Management features

    You can use the Workspace ONE app to distribute public mobile applications to unmanaged devices through the Workspace ONE app catalog. Users can single sign-on between the Workspace ONE app and productivity apps from VMware - AirWatch Browser and Secure Content Locker, and any custom app built using the AirWatch SDK. And, when the device goes out-of-compliance (such as jail broken), the Workspace ONE app, productivity apps, and any custom app built using AirWatch SDK self-destruct.

  • Workspace ONE app providing Adaptive Management

    Users can start using the Workspace ONE app in standalone Mobile Application Management (MAM) mode and progress to OS MAM when an application with a lock icon in the catalog is selected for installation. Once, the user enrolls the device into OS MAM, the lock icon goes away. The user can now install all the apps from the catalog. Users no longer have to install AirWatch agent to get their devices enrolled into OS MAM. Available now for iOS and Windows devices with support for Android devices coming soon.

Authentication and Access

  • OneTouch SSO and device compliance check for Android, Window 10, and Mac OS devices

    The convenient OneTouch SSO available for iOS is now available for the rest of the platforms, including Android, Windows 10 and Mac OS. In addition, administrators can configure conditional access policies that check for the device posture. When these devices go out of compliance, the sign in access is blocked to the applications.

  • VMware Verify for two-factor authentication

    A new authentication method that provides multi-factor authentication at login time or step-up authentication post-login when user accesses a critical app from the launcher. VMware Verify supports convenient push authentication from smartphones or time based one-time password (TOTP) authentication when the device is offline or SMS passcode for flip phones. This feature is not enabled by default.

  • LDAP Directory support

    Connect any LDAP directory (such as OpenLDAP) and not just Active Directory to authenticate users.

  • Horizon 7 apps and desktops

    Now you can launch your favorite Horizon 7 apps and desktops from the Workspace ONE app and portal with VMware Identity Manager cloud deployment.


  • Create and manage additional administrator users from the administration console

    You can create additional local administrator users and set password policies for these administrators. Note: Only local administrators can be created at this time. To create a local administrator, click Add User and enter the administrator information. After you add the administrator, select the name from the Users list and in the Profile tab, Roles drop-down menu, select Administrator. In the Settings page, you can set the password policy for administrator users. Local admins can now reset their passwords through the forgot password link on the sign-in page.


  • Simplified deployment of the Connector

    Now you can deploy the VMware Identity Manager Connector without requiring a reverse proxy in the DMZ. The connector makes an outbound only connection to the Identity Manager cloud service. To use this feature, upgrade the connector and enable the authentication method in the built-in identity provider from the admin console. Authentication methods that you configured in the connector can be enabled.

  • Simplified deployment of Integration Broker for Citrix Integration

    Making the Integration Broker accessible from the Internet is no longer a requirement. All communication between the service and the Integration Broker is now through the VMware Identity Manager Connector. You must install or upgrade to the new connector version released June 2016.


VMware Identity Manager Connector 2016.6.1, Build 4063462 is available. See Upgrading VMware Identity Manager Connector for upgrade instructions.

For more information, see the VMware Identity Manager Cloud Documentation Center: VMware Identity Manager Doc Center.

Known Issues

  • New KDC Certificate to use in MDM profile cannot be downloaded
    Sometimes when you click Download Certificate in the Built-in identity provider, the KDC certificate does not download.

    Workaround: Manually download the KDC root certificate. Sign in to your VMware Identity Manager portal and in the browser address bar enter
    https://< tenantname>.vmwareidentity.com/SAAS/jersey/manager/api/kdcrootcertificate. Save the KDC-root-cert.cer file to a location that can be accessed from the AirWatch console.