You must login to the NSX Manager virtual appliance to register a vCenter Server and review the settings specified during installation.

You must have a vCenter Server user account with administrative access to synchronize NSX Manager with the vCenter Server . If your vCenter password has non-Ascii characters, you must change it before synchronizing the NSX Manager with the vCenter Server.

To use SSO on NSX Manager, you must have vCenter Server 5.5 or later and single sign on service must be installed on the vCenter Server.


Log in to the NSX Manager virtual appliance.


Under Appliance Management, click Manage Appliance Settings.


From the left panel, select NSX Management Service and click Configure next to vCenter Server.


Type the IP address of the vCenter Server.


Type the vCenter Server user name and password.


Click OK.

Confirm that the vCenter Server status is Connected.

Login to the vSphere Web Client and click the Networking & Security tab. You can now install and configure NSX components.

VMware recommends that you schedule a backup of NSX Manager data right after installing NSX Manager. See NSX Administration Guide.