Enable or disable HA.

If you selected Enable HA on the Name & Description page, complete the Configure HA parameters section. NSX Edge replicates the configuration of the primary appliance for the standby appliance and ensures that the two HA NSX Edge virtual machines are not on the same ESX host even after you use DRS and vMotion. Two virtual machines are deployed on vCenter in the same resource pool and datastore as the appliance you configured. Local link IPs are assigned to HA virtual machines in the NSX Edge HA so that they can communicate with each other. You can specify management IP addresses to override the local links.


Type the period in seconds within which, if the backup appliance does not receive a heartbeat signal from the primary appliance, the primary appliance is considered inactive and the back up appliance takes over. The default interval is 15 seconds.


(Optional) Type two management IP addresses in CIDR format to override the local link IPs assigned to the HA virtual machines.

Ensure that the management IP addresses do not overlap with the IPs used for any other interface and do not interfere with traffic routing. You should not use an IP that exists somewhere else on your network, even if that network is not directly attached to the NSX Edge.


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