After upgrading NSX Manager to version 6.0.x, you must update the appropriate clusters in your environment. During this process, each host in the cluster receives a software update and is then rebooted.

NSX Manager has been upgraded to version 6.0.x.


Log in to the vCenter Web Client.


Click Networking & Security and then click Installation.


Click the Host Preparation tab.


For each cluster that you want to update, click Update.

Each host in the cluster is put into maintenance mode (which vMotions all running virtual machines to other hosts in the cluster) and is then rebooted. If hosts require manual intervention to enter maintenance mode (for example, due to HA requirements or DRSrules), the upgrade process stops and the cluster Installation Status displays Not Ready. Click errors to display the errors. You may need to migrate the virtual machines manually and then click Resolve to complete the upgrade.

When the cluster is updated, the Installation Status column displays the software version that you have updated to.