The controller cluster is the control plane component responsible for managing the switching and routing modules in the hypervisors. It consists of controller nodes to manage specific logical switches. Using a controller cluster to manage VXLAN-based logical switches eliminates the need for multicast support from the physical network infrastructure. You don’t have to provision multicast group IP addresses, and you also don’t need to enable PIM routing or IGMP snooping features on physical switches or routers. Selecting the Unicast check box while creating the logical switch enables this mode of VXLAN operation.

VMware recommends that you add three controllers for scale and redundancy.


On the Installation tab, ensure that the Management tab is selected.


In the NSX Controller nodes section, click the Add Node (add) icon.


In the Add Controller dialog box, select the datacenter on which you are adding the node.


Select the cluster or resource pool where the controller is to be deployed.


Select the datastore and host.


Select the logical switch, portgroup, or distributed portgroup to which the node is to be connected.

The network that the controller is connected to is the management port group on the Distributed Virtual Switch that spans the environment.


Select the IP pool from which IP addresses are to be assigned to the node.


The IP address of the controller must be reachable from the NSX Manager and the management network of the vSphere hosts communicating with the controller.


Type and re-type a password for the controller.

The password must be 8 characters and must follow 3 of the following 4 rules:

At least one upper case letter

At least one lower case letter

At last one number

At least one special character


Click OK.

When deployed, the controller has a Normal status and displays a green check mark.

The NSX controller can now control the traffic flow through your logical switch.

Deploy two additional controllers to ensure a greater level of resiliency. Three is the recommended number by VMware. During this period, do not add or modify logical switches or distributed routing in your environment.

If you need to delete a controller, first stop using the logical router or logical switch based on this controller before deleting it.