You must add an appliance before you can deploy a NSX Edge. If you do not add an appliance when you install NSX Edge, NSX Edge remains in an offline mode until you add an appliance.

Verify that the resource pool has enough capacity for the Edge virtual machine to be deployed. See System Requirements for NSX.


On the Deployment Configuration page, select the datacenter where you want to place the NSX Edge virtual machine.


Select the size of the NSX Edge instance based on your system resources.

The Large NSX Edge has more CPU, memory, and disk space than the Compact NSX Edge, and supports a bigger number of concurrent SSL VPN-Plus users. The X-Large NSX Edge is suited for environments which have Load Balancer with millions of concurrent sessions. The Quad Large NSX Edge is recommended for high throughput and requires a high connection rate.

See System Requirements for NSX.


Click Enable auto rule generation to add firewall, NAT, and routing routes to enable control traffic to flow for these services..

If you do not select Enable auto rule generation, you must manually add firewall, NAT, and routing configuration to allow control channel traffic for NSX Edge services such as Load Balancing, VPN, etc.


Auto rule generation does not create rules for data-channel traffic.


In NSX Edge Appliances, click the Add (add) icon to add an appliance.

If you had selected Enable HA on the Name and Description page, you can add two appliances. If you add a single appliance, NSX Edge replicates its configuration for the standby appliance and ensures that the two HA NSX Edge virtual machines are not on the same ESX host even after you use DRS and vMotion (unless you manually vMotion them to the same host).


In the Add Edge Appliance dialog box, select the cluster or resource pool and datastore for the appliance.


(Optional) Select the host on which the appliance is to be added.


(Optional) Select the vCenter folder within which the appliance is to be added.


Click OK.


Click Next.

The Interface Configuration page appears.