You must specify a segment ID pool for each NSX Manager to isolate your network traffic. If an NSX controller is not deployed in your environment, you must add a multicast address range to spread traffic across your network and avoid overloading a single multicast address.

The Segment ID Pool specifies a range of VXLAN Network Identifiers (VNIs) for use when building Logical Network segments.


On the Installation tab, click Logical Network Preparation and then click Segment ID.


Click the Edit (edit) icon


Type a range for segment IDs. For example, 5000-5200.

The segment ID range determines the maximum number of logical switches that can be created in your infrastructure.


If you do not have a deployed NSX controller in your environment, select Enable multicast addressing and type an address range. For example,


You must specify a multicast address range for VMware ESX 5.1 hosts or when using the hybrid mode.


Click OK.