You can upgrade only from version vShield 5.5 to NSX Edge 6.0. If you have a prior version of vShield Edge in your infrastructure, you must upgrade to version 5.5 before upgrading to version 6.0. For information on upgrading to version 5.5, see vShield Installation and Upgrade Guide version 5.5.

vShield Manager has been upgraded to NSX Manager.

Virtual wires have been upgraded to NSX Logical Switches.

System requirements for NSX Edge X-Large have been changed in NSX. See Preparing for Installation.


Log in to the vSphere Web Client.


Click Networking & Security and then click NSX Edges.


For each NSX Edge instance, select Upgrade Version from the Actions menu.

After the NSX Edge is upgraded successfully, the Version column displays 6.0.0 and Status displays Deployed.

NSX Edge firewall rules do not support sourcePort, so version 5.5 Edge rules containing sourcePort are modified during the upgrade as follows.

If there are no applications used in the rule, a service is created with protocol=any, port=any and sourcePort=asDefinedInTheRule.

If there are applications or applicationGroups used in the rule, these grouping objects are duplicated by adding the sourcePort to them. Because of this, the groupingObjectIds used in the firewall rule change after the upgrade.