You can upgrade only from vShield Endpoint 5.5 to vShield Endpoint 6.0. If you have a prior version of vShield Endpoint in your infrastructure, you must first upgrade to version 5.5 and then to version 6.0. For information on upgrading to version 5.5, see vShield Installation and Upgrade Guide version 5.5.

dvSwitch has been created and all hosts are connected to the dvSwitch and dvPort group.

Shared data store has been be attached to the hosts.

vShield Manager has been upgraded to NSX Manager.

Virtual wires have been upgraded to NSX logical switches.


Log in to the vSphere Web Client.


Click Networking & Security and then click Installation.


Click the Service Deployments tab.

vShield Endpoint 5.5 deployments are displayed and the Installation Status column says Upgrade Available.


In the Installation Status column for vShield Endpoint, click the arrow next to Upgrade Available.


Select the Data store and Network and click OK.

After vShield Endpoint is upgraded, the vShield Endpoint service virtual machines are visible in the vCenter Server inventory.