Security policies are applied according to their weight - a security policy with a higher weight has a higher priority. When you move a policy up or down in the table, its weight is adjusted accordingly.

Multiple security policies may be applied to a virtual machine either because the security group that contains the virtual machine is associated with multiple policies or because the virtual machine is part of multiple security groups associated with different policies. If there is a conflict between services grouped with each policy, the weight of the policy determines the services that will be applied to the virtual machine. For example, say policy 1 blocks internet access and has a weight value of 1000 while policy 2 allows internet access and has a weight value of 2000. In this particular case, policy 2 has a higher weight and hence the virtual machine will be allowed internet access.


Log in to the vSphere Web Client.


Click Networking & Security and then click Service Composer.


Click the Security Policies tab.


Click the Manage Precedence (manage) icon.


In the Manage Precedence dialog box, select the security policy that you want to change the precedence for and click the Move Up (move up) or Move Down (move)icon.


Click OK.