You can view what applications are being run by a security group or desktop pool and then drill down into the report to find out which client applications are making outbound connections by a particular group of users. You can also discover all user groups and users who are accessing a particular application, which can help you determine if you need to adjust identity firewall in your environment.

VIew Outbound activity

Either vShield Endpoint must be installed in your environment or a domain must be registered with NSX Manager. For information on Endpoint installation, see NSX Installation and Upgrade Guide. For information on domain registration, see Register a Windows Domain with NSX Manager.

Data collection must be enabled on one or more virtual machines.


Log in to the vSphere Web Client.


Click Networking & Security and then Activity Monitoring.


Ensure that the Outbound Activity tab is selected in the left pane.


Click the link next to Originating from.

All groups discovered through guest introspection are displayed.


Select the type of user group that you want to view resource utilization for.


In Filter, select one or more group and click OK.


In Where application, select includes or excludes to indicate whether the selected application should be included in or excluded from the search.


Click the link next to Where application.


Select one or more application and click OK.


In And where destination, select includes or excludes to indicate whether the selected virtual machines should be included in or excluded from the search.


Click the link next to And where destination.


Select one or more virtual machine and click OK.


Click the During period (During Period icon) icon and select the time period for the search.


Click Search.

Scroll to the right to see all the information displayed.

Search results filtered by the specified criterion are displayed. Click a row to view information about users within that AD group that used the specified application to access the specified virtual machines.

You can export a specific record or all records on this page and save them to a directory in a .csv format by clicking the export icon on the bottom right side of the page.