Once John Admin knows that the ACME Enterprise share point server is being accessed only by authorized applications, he can enure that the company allows only required ports to be open based on expected use.

In the Applications on Datacenter scenario, John Admin had observed traffic to the ACME Enterprise share point server. He now wants to ensure that all access from the share point server to the MSSQL server is through expected protocols and applications.


Click the Go Home icon.


Click vCenter Home and then click Virtual Machines.


Select win_sharepoint and then click the Monitor tab.


Click Activity Monitoring.


In Where destination, select win2K-MSSQL.


Click Search.

Search results show traffic from the share point server to the MSSQL server. The User and Outbound App columns show that only systems processes are connecting to the MSSQL server, which is what John expected to see.

The Inbound Port and App columns show that all access is to the MSSQL server running on the destination server.

Since there are too many records in the search results for John to analyze in a web browser, he can export all the entire result set and save the file in a CSV format by clicking the export icon on the bottom right side of the page.