You can view UDP and TCP connections from and to a selected vNIC. In order to view traffic between two virtual machines, you can view live traffic for one virtual machine on one computer and the other virtual machine on a second computer. You can view traffic for a maximum of two vNICs per host and for 5 vNICs per infrastructure.

Viewing live flows can affect the performance of NSX Manager and the corresponding virtual machine.


Log in to the vSphere Web Client.


Select Networking & Security from the left navigation pane and then select Flow Monitoring.


Click the Live Flow tab.


Click Browse and select a vNIC.


Click Start to begin viewing live flow.

The page refreshes every 5 seconds. You can select a different frequency from the Refresh Rate drop-down. live


Click Stop when your debugging or troubleshooting is done to avoid affecting the performance of NSX Manager or the selected virtual machine.