You can import a saved Service Composer configuration (along with the security groups to which the security policies are mapped) either as a backup or to restore configuration on a different NSX Manager.


Log in to the vSphere Web Client.


Click Networking & Security and then click Service Composer.


Click the Security Policies tab.


Click Actions and then click the Import Service Configuration icon.


Select the configuration file that you want to import.


If desired, type a suffix to be added to the security policies and security groups that are being imported.

If you specify a suffix, it is added to the security policy names being imported thus ensuring that they have unique names.


Click Next.

Service Composer verifies that all services referred to in the configuration are available in the destination environment. If not, the Manage Missing Services page is displayed, where you can map missing services to available target services.

The Ready to complete page displays the security policies along with associated objects (security groups on which these have been applied, as well as Endpoint services, firewall rules, and network introspection services) to be imported.


Click Finish.

The imported security policies are added to the top of the security policy table (above the existing policies) in the target NSX Manager. The original order of the imported policies is preserved.