The content blade requires the following to match for an Italy National Identification number in a close proximity.


Italy National Identification number pattern


Words or phrases for an Italy National Identification number (e.g. codice fiscale, national identification)

National Identification Rule: 16 character alphanumeric code. where:

SSS are the first three consonants in the family name (the first vowel and then an X are used if there are not enough consonants)

NNN is the first name, of which the first, third and fourth consonants are used—exceptions are handled as in family names

YY are the last digits of the birth year

M is the letter for the month of birth—letters are used in alphabetical order, but only the letters A to E, H, L, M, P, R to T are used (thus, January is A and October is R)

DD is the day of the month of birth—in order to differentiate between genders, 40 is added to the day of birth for women (thus a woman born on May 3 has ...E43...)

ZZZZ is an area code specific to the municipality where the person was born—country-wide codes are used for foreign countries, a letter followed by three digits

X is a parity character as calculated by adding together characters in the even and odd positions, and dividing them by 26. Numerical values are used for letters in even positions according to their alphabetical order. Characters in odd positions have different values. A letter is then used which corresponds to the value of the remainder of the division in the alphabet.