You can restrict the files that you want to monitor based on size, last modified date, or file extensions.

You must have been assigned the Security Administrator role.


In the Manage tab of the Data Security panel, click Edit next to Files to scan.


You can either monitor all files on the virtual machines in your inventory, or select the restrictions you want to apply.



Monitor all files on the guest virtual machines

NSX Data Security scans all files.

Monitor only the files that match the following conditions

Select the following options as appropriate.

Size indicates that NSX Data Security should only scan files less than the specified size.

Last Modified Date indicates that NSX Data Security should scan only files modified between the specified dates.

Types: Select Only files with the following extensions to enter the file types to scan. Select All files, except those with extensions to enter the file types to exclude from the scan.

For information on file formats that NSX Data Security can detect, see File Formats Supported by Data Security.


Click Save.


Click Publish Changes to apply the policy.