Workstation User’s Manual : Using Disks and Disk Drives : Virtual Disk Maintenance Tasks : Compact a Virtual Disk

Compact a Virtual Disk
Compacting a virtual disk reclaims unused space in the virtual disk. If a disk has empty space, this process reduces the amount of space the virtual disk occupies on the host drive.
Make sure the following prerequisites are met:
The virtual disk is not mapped (on Windows guests) or mounted (on Linux guests). You cannot compact a virtual disk while it is mapped or mounted.
The disk space is not preallocated for the virtual hard disk. Use the virtual machine settings editor to view the disk information for this virtual hard disk. If the disk space was preallocated, you cannot compact the disk.
To change the mode, see Exclude a Virtual Disk from Snapshots for a description of independent disks.
To compact a virtual disk
Select VM > Settings.
On the Hardware tab, select Hard Disk for the virtual hard disk you want to compact.
Select Utilities > Compact
Click OK after the disk compacting process is complete.