Ensure that your system is prepared for vCenter Server upgrade by verifying compatibility and completing any necessary database, networking, or other preparation tasks.

Verify that all components meet basic compatibility requirements before upgrading vCenter Server.

Download the .iso installer for vCenter Server for Windows and the associated vCenter Server components and support tools.

vCenter Server requires a database to store and organize server data. You can either upgrade your embedded database to the bundled PostgreSQL database, or you can continue to use your external database.

When upgrading from vCenter Server version 6.0 or earlier, you must prepare your environment before upgrading the Content Library to prevent pre-check errors.

Verify that your network is set up correctly and meets connectivity prerequisites for upgrading vCenter Server.

If you are using a load balancer for high availability for vCenter Single Sign-On or Platform Services Controller, you must verify that it is supported and configured correctly before upgrading to vCenter Server 6.5.

Before upgrading to vCenter Server 6.5, you must prepare your ESXi hosts.

Verify that all components of your environment are ready to upgrade vCenter Server.