You can use the vCenter Server Appliance GUI installer to restore a vCenter Server Appliance to an ESXi host or a vCenter Server instance. The restore procedure has two stages. The first stage deploys a new vCenter Server Appliance. The second stage populates the newly deployed vCenter Server Appliance with the data stored in the file-based backup.

vCenter Server Appliance Restore Workflow
Restore workflow

Perform a file-based restore of a Platform Services Controller only when the last Platform Services Controller in the domain fails. If there are other Platform Services Controller instances in the same vCenter Single Sign-On domain, deploy a new Platform Services Controller instance and join it to the existing Single Sign-On domain.

Platform Services Controller Appliance Restore Workflow
Restore workflow

Verify that your system meets the minimum software and hardware requirements. See System Requirements for the vCenter Server Appliance and Platform Services Controller Appliance.

Download and Mount the vCenter Server Appliance Installer.

If the vCenter Server instance is part of a vCenter High Availability cluster, you must power off the active, passive, and witness nodes of the cluster before restoring the vCenter Server.


In stage 1 of the restore process, you deploy the OVA file, which is included in the vCenter Server Appliance GUI installer.


After the OVA deployment finishes, you are redirected to stage 2 of the restore process in which the data from the backup location is copied to the newly deployed vCenter Server Appliance.