You can populate a content library with OVF templates that you can use to provision new virtual machines. You can also add other files to a content library such as ISO images, scripts, and text files.

There are multiple ways to populate a library with items.

You can import items such as VM templates and vApps to a content library from your local machine or from a Web server, and use them to create virtual machines and vApps. You can also import ISO images, certificates, and other files, which you want to keep in the library and share with other users across multiple vCenter Server systems.

You can clone existing vApps to vApp templates in a content library. You can use the vApp templates later to provision new vApps on a cluster or a host in your vSphere inventory. The vApp is exported to a content library in the OVF format.

You can clone existing virtual machines or VM templates to templates in the content library, and use them later to provision virtual machines on a cluster or a host.

You can clone a template from one content library to another in the same vCenter Server instance. The cloned template is an exact copy of the original template.