This vSphere Virtual Machine Administration guide is updated with each release of the product or when necessary.

This table provides the update history of the vSphere Virtual Machine Administration guide.




Removed VMware Studio information from the multi-tiered application topic. See Managing Multi-Tiered Applications with vSphere vApp.


Added information about the guest Introspection drivers. See VMware Tools Device Drivers and Names of VMware Tools Components Used in Silent Installations.


Added a new topic about the HTML 5 Remote console to a virtual machine. See Open the HTML 5 Remote Console.

Updated information about the virtual machine remote consoles. See Using a Virtual Machine Remote Console.

Updated requirements for upgrading the virtual machine compatibility. See Upgrade the Compatibility for Virtual Machines.


Removed Datastore.Allocate space privilege from privileges required to take a virtual machine snapshot. See Required Privileges for Common Tasks.

Updated procedure for using the VMware Remote Console. See Using the VMware Remote Console Application.

Enhanced the topic about using content libraries to reflect that a published and a subscribed library do not necessarily need to belong to vCenter Server instances that are in the same vCenter Single-Sign On domain. See Using Content Libraries.


Initial release.