When you configure the SNMP agent for SNMP v3, the agent supports sending traps. SNMP v3 also provides stronger security than v1 or v2c, including cryptographic authentication and encryption.

In vSphere 6.0 SNMP v3 informs are not supported. The vCenter Server Appliance supports only notifications such as v1/v2c traps and v3 traps with all security levels.


Every SNMP v3 agent has an engine ID, which serves as a unique identifier for the agent. The engine ID is used with a hashing function to generate localized keys for authentication and encryption of SNMP v3 messages.


SNMP v3 optionally supports authentication and privacy protocols.


You can configure up to five users who can access SNMP v3 information. User names must be no more than 32 characters long.


Configure SNMP v3 targets to allow the SNMP agent to send SNMP v3 traps.