vSphere 6.0 or later lets you migrate virtual machines between vCenter Server instances.

Migration of virtual machines across vCenter Server systems is helpful in certain VM provisioning cases.

Balance workloads across clusters and vCenter Server instances.

Elastically grow or shrink capacity across resources in different vCenter Server instances in the same site or in another geographical area .

Move virtual machines between environments that have different purposes, for example, from a development to production.

Move virtual machines to meet different Service Level Agreements (SLAs) regarding storage space, performance, and so on.


During the migration of a virtual machine to another vCenter Server system, the performance data that has been collected about the virtual machine is lost.

To enable migration across vCenter Server instances, your system must meet certain requirements.

Migration of VMs between vCenter Server instances moves VMs to new networks. The migration process performs checks to verify that the source and destination networks are similar.

When you move a virtual machine between vCenter Server instances, the environment specifically handles MAC address migration to avoid address duplication and loss of data in the network.