In your vSphere environment, you can use flash devices for a variety of functionalities.

Using Flash Devices with vSphere



Virtual SAN

Virtual SAN requires flash devices. For more information, see the Administering VMware Virtual SAN documentation.

VMFS Datastores

You can create VMFS datastores on flash devices. Use the datastores for the following purposes:

Store virtual machines. Certain guest operating systems can identify virtual disks stored on these datastores as flash virtual disks. See Identifying Flash Virtual Disks.

Allocate datastore space for ESXi host swap cache. See Configuring Host Swap Cache

Virtual Flash Resource (VFFS)

Set up a virtual flash resource and use it for the following functionalities:

Use as Virtual Flash Read Cache for your virtual machines. See About VMware vSphere Flash Read Cache.

Allocate the virtual flash resource for ESXi host swap cache. This is an alternative method of host cache configuration that uses VFFS volumes instead of VMFS datastores. See Configure Host Swap Cache with Virtual Flash Resource.

If required by your vendor, use the virtual flash resource for I/O caching filters . See Filtering Virtual Machine I/O.