The entire setup and configuration process for the dependent hardware iSCSI adapters involves several steps. After you set up your adapter, you might need to configure CHAP parameters and Jumbo Frames.


View a dependent hardware iSCSI adapter to verify that it is correctly loaded.


You can change the default iSCSI name and alias assigned to your iSCSI adapters. For the for independent hardware iSCSI adapters, you can also change the default IP settings.


You create network connections to bind dependent iSCSI and physical network adapters. To create the connections correctly, you must determine the name of the physical NIC with which the dependent hardware iSCSI adapter is associated.


Configure connections for the traffic between the software or dependent hardware iSCSI adapters and the physical network adapters.


With dynamic discovery, each time the initiator contacts a specified iSCSI storage system, it sends the SendTargets request to the system. The iSCSI system responds by supplying a list of available targets to the initiator. In addition to the dynamic discovery method, you can use static discovery and manually enter information for the targets.

If required, configure CHAP parameters and jumbo frames.